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California Safety Training Corporation was founded by Ben W. Laverty, III in 1985. As Ben laid the groundwork he set his standards to help others work safely and efficiently teaching practical safety principles. Combining Cross Compliance Training Credits, we maximize our effectiveness meeting overlapping requirements across local, state and federal agencies.

As the company has grown, we have remained a family-oriented business, and Ben remains highly involved in the everyday operations of the company. Ben's eldest son Ben IV is now our Chief Executive Officer and Ben's daughter Terra is our Chief Financial Officer. You will find Ben III, Ben IV and Terra not only in the office, but also conducting inspections and teaching classes in the field. We believe in working TOGETHER!

Our company serves the agriculture, oil, manufacturing, construction, medical, restaurant, and retail industries throughout California, the Continental United States, and countries throughout the world.

California Safety Training Corporation provides interactive practical training services and many written programs including: Injury and Illness Prevention Plans, Emergency Action Plans, California Accident Release Programs, and Preliminary Environmental Assessments. We also provide onsite facility safety inspections and consultations.

CSTC instructors and safety technicians have been trained in the CSTC system of topic delivery to meet our mission standard of helping others work safely and efficiently. They have proven their ability to adjust the program while in motion to meet the needs and abilities of the students.

Our bilingual (English/Spanish) instructors deliver information, and use various motivational techniques to facilitate the learning of various safety processes. Through our training methods your employees will gain a heightened level of awareness, and qualifying expertise. Our goal is for each student to USE the practical safety principles from our classes. CSTC instructors are dedicated, educated, and practiced in the difficult art of training, entertaining, and influencing the behavior of the workers.
Each CSTC employee has an area of focus, and they strive to be a main resource for that chosen area. Cross training among the staff ensures updated and consistent delivery of the curriculum.

We strive to be your resource for the most current safety training and written programs that meet state and federal compliance guidelines. Most importantly we want to help you work SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY!!

Let's make today a GREAT and SAFE DAY!

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